How to make: Herbal Salves/Ointments


Making herbal salves and ointments is a lot easier than I thought and I’d like to share it with everyone. I’ll be giving you the ingredients for Lavender ointment and aloe vera salve this time.

You will need: Beeswax, herbs, olive oil, possibly essential oils & vitamin E oil, containers, and a jar.

Salves are made up of three main ingredients: Herbs, Wax, and Oil.

Oils that can be used are: Olive, jojoba, almond, avocado, hemp, sunflower, coconut and others I’m sure.

The herbs you can use are things like comfrey, plantain, St. John’s wort, Arnica, chamomile, lavender, aloe vera,  and A LOT of others. Take a look on Google and I’m sure you’ll find something you like.

And of course the wax I’m going to use is Beeswax. There are alternatives for someone that isn’t comfortable using this.


So lets discuss how we will put the herbs into this salve. You will need to do what is called and herbal infusion. You can do it 2 ways, the long way or the quick way.

The long way: Find a jar with a tight lid. Put your herb of choice into this jar, fill it most of the way. Then add your choice oil into the jar to cover the herb. Let sit for 2-6 weeks. Shake the jar daily to cover the herb. When you have felt it has infused enough, strain the herb out using muslin cloth etc..  and discard the herbs and keep the oil for your salve.


The Quick way: Place the herbs into a double-boiler or crock pot and cover with choice oil. VERY gently heat the oil over low heat for an hour or more until the oil takes on the coloring and smell of the herb. After this has happened, allow the oil to cool, then strain out the herb. Save oil for salve.

Now that we have our herbal infusion we can start with our Basic salve

1. Combine the oil you made and the beeswax, let it melt.

2. After it’s melted, take it off the heat and you may add any Essential oils or Vitamin E oil.

3. Mix a bit,  and pour into salve container.

4. Then let cool. Cooling may take hours up to a day. After it’s cooled you may put the lid on your container.

**Test a bit of your salve by taking a small bit and sticking in the fridge to cool quickly. If it is too soft, add more wax, if it’s too solid, add more oil.**

**If you would like to use a salve for rashes, you may want to make it a bit more soft.**


Aloe Vera Salve

This salve is great to have for bug bites, burns, cuts/scrapes, rashes, etc.. and is wonderful to take camping and in your purse. **you will not need to infuse the aloe vera in oil**

-You will need to take 1-3 aloe vera leaves (depending on how much salve you’re making), and scrape the inside gel into a bowl with a knife.

-Add the Olive oil to the aloe vera gel and mix well.

-Grate or cut pieces of beeswax into the mixture.

**Have a pot of water simmering on the stove, we will then sit the bowl of ingredients in the pot to melt.

-After the wax has melted and you have mixed everything together well, You may pour it into your container and let cool.

Lavender Ointment (Salve):

This salve is anti-bacterial and it’s great for cuts, scrapes, rashes, chapped lips, bruises and even muscle or joint pain.

-4 tbs. Olive oil (Lavender infused)

-3 tbs. Beeswax

-15 Drops Lavender essential oil

Combine olive oil and beeswax in a double boiler. Heat until melted. Take off of heat and add essential oils and stir a bit. ALL DONE!

So there’s a couple salves for you to make. They’re super easy and are great to take with you wherever you go and plus they’re all natural. There are a bunch of other salves to make online and I may try a couple more. I’ll be sure to put the ingredients on my blog for anyone who’s interested. Enjoy! 🙂

*These pictures do not belong to me and were found on google. Mine aren’t as nice lol*